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All Webtots competitions are now closed. We will have some very soon.

We would like to insure you have a great time on our website so tell us what you want!
We would like you to tell us what games for your kids you would like to see on Webtots. Let's make this a site for the children. Maybe you would like to see more themes or games? Just let us know. Click here to find out more.

Don't forget to check out the great days with the 'Days Out With The Children' section of the Children's Directory website at

Under the Sea
We are under the sea at Webtots. Come and have some fun by rolling your mouse over the sea creatures. We also now have a virtual under the sea world. Click on the opening door at the top of the page and you can now move all your favourite webtots under the sea characters around the screen.

Change the theme
Changing the theme is back. You can change the themes at Webtots by clicking on the themes button at the top of the page.

We are also pleased to announce that Webtots has received its first press release
Melksham Independent New 12th April 2007 -
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Children's online safety
To insure your child is safe online. Click here to view our suggestions

Meet the designer
Lorraine Petty is a qualified multimedia designer with over 15 years experience in the web design industry. Focusing her imagination into Webtots is her niche in life.

Webtots for the deaf
After receiving some very good feedback from you at the West Wiltshire Show we have decided to make Webtots more accessible for the deaf.

Webtots on the Radio Lorraine Petty from Webtots joined the BBC Wiltshire Radio crew on Thursday the 27th March 2008 at 13.10. The topic that was discussed was the new rating system that may be introduced for video games and online games. If you have a view on this topic then send in your emails to Webtots 1st radio broadcast
Did you here us on the BBC Wiltshire Radio on Saturday 28th July at 14.10?

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Webtots for the blind

If you are blind and are reading this with voice recognition software then a big hello from all of us at Webtots. The theme of the moment is Transport. We are working hard to make more of the games on the website more accessible for the blind. Any of your suggestions would be very much appreciated. Send your suggestions to

You are on the Webtots online toddler and games for kids website where your tot can have fun whilst learning. Did you know that you can visit the Jack and Jill hill here in Wiltshire? Click here for more information Tots can have fun whilst interacting with online games and music activities. Your child can sing along with the jukebox to twinkle, twinkle. Toddlers can also play the musical piano and drum instruments. They can create master pieces of art with the online colouring book and sketch till their hearts content in the sketchpad. Your little tots can also print the drawing or coloured picture.

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FREE Games for Kids at Webtots

Fee printable personalised fairy certificate.  Click here now.

Free save the butterfly game. Click here to play Can you beat the current highest score of 67?

We have developed a new toddler number game. This game is a very simple number game for the younger child and will help them learn about the numbers on the keyboard. click here to play

Buddy Bear Meets You at the Melksham Christmas Fair
To insure your childs safety online a animated bear has been created called Buddy Bear. Buddy Bear has also gone out visiting the community. Buddy Bear had a great time at the Melksham Christmas Fair last Saturday where he met a lot of you whilst you were waiting to see Santa. He and Santa met up after you had all gone and we both agreed that you were all very good boys and girls. Buddy Bear will be out and about again in the New Year. If you would like him to come to your party or event then please drop us an email to for more information.

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